As a contemporary jeweller Sara Preisler has been working at The Custard Factory for the last eighteen years.

As The Custard Factory's only jeweller, she gradually received more and more enquiries, commissions and request for open days to her workshop from other Custard Factory artists and designers alongside its visitors. In 2002 she decided to open up her workspace to the public on a permanent basis, and following this success in 2005, she moved to the front of house position at The Custard Factory, where she now works in designing and making her jewellery, alongside showcasing her work.

This is her first altelier, where you are able to buy her latest designs, often some are limited edition pieces, or one-off collections, not currently available in any of her other outlets.

Not only showcasing her own work, Sara has hand-picked several other UK designers to outlet in her gallery. All have a national status within the design arena, most having internationally exhibited their work.

For more information and to purchase items online, please visit her gallery website at