Sara Preisler's jewellery is essentially sculpture with a function. Elegant and striking, Sara combines these two qualities to make highly individual, yet precious pieces.

Currently, Sara can now present eight collections, each hand made and finished in her studio in Birmingham's Custard Factory where all of her pieces are made from recycled precious metals. Please note: differing ring sizes are available to order.

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The forms and textures used in each piece she makes, echoes the wood carver's chisel. Every piece of jewellery in Sara Preisler's collection is sculpted, carved and then cast to enhance its individuality and sculptural quality. To Sara, the importance of the collection is in expressing the individual wearer's spirit and beauty, allowing ownership of something unique and especially part of every one. In repeating bold and minimal forms, she often reveals defined sculptural elements; carved identities, each in their own right echoing the wearer as being with their own irreplaceable essence.

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