Sara Preisler has been nominated and awarded many prizes and bursaries over the years for various aspects of her business, all have been in view of the quality and originality of conception in design, delivery and creativity.

  • 2010 Birmingham City Council Feasibility Award
  • 2007 Winner of the BdI Industry & Genius Awards for Jewellery & Silversmithing
  • 2006 Creative Development Award, Business Link
  • 2005 Passport to Export award, from the DTI for successful export of innovative product
  • 2005 Feasibility Award, Birmingham City Council, award for new projects
  • 2005 Creative Space Award, for the development of the new gallery space
  • 2004 Media Content Lab Award for Progressive Business
  • 1997 Craft Showcase Award, West Midlands Arts
  • 1995 The British Rail Young Business Award
  • 1993 The Livewire Business Certificate of Merit